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Garrett Paine admires his Chaloner running the rails.
Ryan Bednarik makes certain he gets the lighter into the business end of an Aster Challenger.
Bob Clark and Ron Bacon pause from their ministrations with a Wuhu Bowande ‘Falk.’
A look at the workspace of Mike McKenna, known English-locomotive partisan.
William Coley uses a hand pump to fill his Accucraft ‘Ruby.’
Jason Kovac adds a little butane to his ‘Fairymead’ on the PCLS layout.
Earl Martin has extensively detailed and weathered his ‘Fairymead.’
Beth Squiers makes some adjustments on her Climax before a lashup of logging locomotives.
Duke Nguyen paces his black Southern Pacific GS4 on the Paso Robles layout.
A Regner ‘Willi’ pulls an unusual scratch-built car on the new Llagas Creek/Triple R Services layout.
Bill Allen explains how he built the four-cylinder Heisler to his twin granddaughters, Megan and Amber Allen.
Butch Floyd celebrates winning the grand prize in the door-prize giveaway: an Accucraft ‘Dora,’ donated by Accucraft Trains. In the background, Summer Steamup organizers Craig Griffin and Tony Dixon look on.
Glen Simpson is ready to provide his little consist with any help it might need; in the background, David Lindholm (left) and Doug Prescott ponder the wonderfulness of steam.
Mike Martin rerails his backwoods locomotive on the PCLS layout; the engine and the cars are all designed by Mike and scratch built.
Steamup organizers Bob Trabucco (left) and Bill Turkel discuss whether to go out and buy another 50 gallons of distilled water.
At the swap table, Melinda Murray, Rick Parker and Dave Frediani go over even the tiniest parts to make certain they really don't have copies at home.
Steve Blanor closes the roof on his Accucraft Baldwin 4-4-0 (in South Pacific Coast livery) as it starts its run.
Phil Johnson stokes the coal fire on his Accucraft Denver & Rio Grande Western K-28.
Paul Brink runs his Accucraft Baldwin 4-4-0 (in Denver & Rio Grande livery) on his own track (which he has brought to the event since 2001).
The Paso Robles layout needs frequent cleaning and Reggie Bowles is providing the elbow grease; that's Mark Kelley in the background, watching the fan on his locomotive as it fires up.
The dealer room was hopping every day, almost all the time.
Charles Bednarik and Jim McDavid (standing, left and right) watch as Dave Hottmann explains a particularly technical aspect of locomotive repair.
Pete Comley adds a little more gas to his East African Railways Garratt on the Triple R Services/Llagas Creek Railway layout.
Nothing makes Eric Bowles happier than working on his live-steam trains.
Another satisfied owner of an Accucraft ‘Fairymead,’ Jeff Young supervises it pulling a string of rock cars.
Andy Sorenson does a little emergency track repair on one of the ‘Titus’ locomotives he and his dad Bob built.
Phil Oldenhage shows an onlooker a tiny live-steam locomotive.
Steve Heselton stokes the fire of his Accucraft K-27, which has been modified to burn coal.