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Subscription plans

Module Version <> CBSubs version.

Please note: 2022 will be our last year for print subscriptions. All subscriptions purchased starting 1 October 2021 will begin with Issue #176, Nov/Dec 2021. Renewals will not be accepted beyond our last scheduled print edition #181, Sep/Oct 2022. A pro-rated schedule for less than six issue will be posted January 2022.

For more information on the difference between registrations and subscriptions, please visit the FAQ pages.

Subscriptions to the digital edition are also available along with a digital/print bundle. Follow the Digital Subscription link for these options.

Online subscription payments for the print, digital and the print/digital bundle edition are handled through PayPal. You do not need to have a PayPal account to use PayPal, but we do encourage customers to review PayPal’s terms and conditions before going forward with the service.

In the event you do not wish to use PayPal for your order, please feel free to call us at (607) 642-8119 and your credit card order will be processed via a regular bank-card terminal.

You can also mail your name, address and credit card number (plus security code) to Steam in the Garden, P.O. Box 335, Newark Valley, N.Y. 13811-0335.

Please note that the following subscription selections are for print only - for the Print/Digital bundle, follow the Digital Subscription Menu item.

♦ 1 year (six issues) U.S. periodical rate, $35

Issues #176-181


♦ 1 year (six issues) U.S. first-class rate, $43


♦ 1 year (six issues) Canada/Mexico, $42


♦ 1 year (six issues) overseas rate, $72


Note: For gift and library subscriptions, we will email you to obtain the correct mailing information.