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Scott fell in love with live steam locomotives at a young age from the many visits to Disneyland as a child. Being born during the time when diesel was replacing steam, the only place to hear the chuff of a locomotive was through amusement parks and tourist railroads. Model trains have always been a part of his life and as a young man in the Navy he was introduced to small scale live steam through a popular model train magazine.

Scott was immediately enthralled with the idea that there was a lower cost alternative to ride on steam that could run around his backyard. It would take ten years after that introduction to get to a point where he could jump into the hobby when he purchased his first house in 1986. Scott started construction of his first garden railway in 1987 and purchased his first steamer ­--- an Aster B-1 Baldwin 0-4-2T.

While still on active duty, Scott wrote his first article for Steam in the Garden -- Issue No.12. about enjoying live steam in Japan. After his retirement, Scott was asked to represent Wada Works of Japan for an innovative new gauge one product -- a diesel locomotive that ran on fuel. Wada Works of Japan also produced several gauge one steam locomotives. Operating as Potomac Steam Industries, Scott soon became a Brandbright representative adding their products to his growing home based business. Unfortunately, his post-Navy career was requiring more travel and he saw that he was becoming unable to provide the customer support he thought was important. After ten years of operation P.S.I. reluctantly closed shop

In 2010, following the passing of Steam in the Garden founder Ron Brown, Scott was asked to come aboard the new LLC that was forming to continue the magazine. He accepted the role as the magazine's archivist and representative at all the steamups he could attend. Scott began to write more articles and was the lead author for the "Starting in Steam" series and subsequent booklet. Scott would then be called to step into the shoes left vacant by Dave Cole's passing and put his computer skills to work as Editor.

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