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Marengo, NY - When the FLLS celebrated their 40th anniversary in 2009 they only had a Gauge One garden layout. Although it has an elevated wye that is very nice for setting up a live steam engine, chasing a manual locomotive was not fun for the operator and takes its toll on the landscaping when the train inevitably stalls in the most inaccessible section of track. In order to more easily accommodate manual live steam trains they have added an elevated Gauge One layout. There are two connected loops with over 20-foot radius curves. One side of the layout has a small yard with umbrellas for shade and a long siding for one of the loops.

Since then a new elevated Gauge One track has been built, (see SitG January/February 2019 Issue #159), and an additional portable layout provided by the Aikenback Live Steamers will be available. Plenty of opportunity to run at this event!

More details on the plans for the 50th Anniversary to be held August 1 - 4, 2019 and registration information are available on the FLLS website: