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A recent cover of Steam in the Garden magazine

Small-scale live-steam railroading — using models that are anywhere from 1:13.17 scale to 1:32 scale and run on 32mm or 45mm track — is a fun hobby that has room for rivet counters and freelancers, prototype purists and lovers of whimsy.

Steam in the Garden is North America’s only magazine devoted entirely to covering the small-scale live-steam hobby. Since 1990, the magazine has taken readers inside the railroads and inside the workshops of the leading modelers and shown how fun and easy live-steam model railroading can be. Six times a year, Steam in the Garden gives readers a look at the current trends in the hobby and reviews the latest products available from all of the makers.

For builders of live-steam models (or would-be builders), Steam in the Garden has detailed articles that explain how experienced builders create those once-in-a-lifetime projects that can’t be found anywhere else.

For those who just want to run trains, Steam in the Garden Ad rate cardexplains how to build the best backyard live-steam railroads and how to build portable layouts as well.

Locomotive improvements are high on Steam in the Garden’s list: it has dozens of articles every year that show in detail how to add features to small-scale locos or make rolling stock run better.

Want to know what’s happening at the leading live-steam events? Steam in the Garden takes readers there, giving a flavor of what’s happening, both on the track and in the clinic rooms, as well as bring readers the latest products shown by exhibitors.

In 2011, Steam in the Garden gained new owners and a new editor, but the magazine committed to sticking to its 20-year Advertisers' links history of giving hobbyists the best information, illustrated profusely, in an easy-to-read format.

Who are small-scale live steam hobbyists? A back-of-the-envelope analysis leads us to believe them to be:

♦ Moderate- to high-income ($50k and up).

♦ Home owners.

♦ Spend between $1k-$2k per year on the hobby.

♦ Heavy Internet users.

♦ A preponderance of college-educated (many with advanced degrees in medicine or engineering).

♦ Twenty percent aged 29 and younger; 20 percent aged 30-49; 60 percent aged 50 and older.

♦ Gender: 90 percent male; 10 percent female.

Reaching this highly fractionalized niche market is difficult, unless you become an advertiser in Steam in the Garden or a sponsor on the web site Steamup.com. Multiple-issue contracts for the print magazine drive down ad costs considerably and only print advertisers can be sponsors on the web site.

For more information on advertising in Steam in the Garden, contact our advertising manager, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. today, or just download our advertising rate card as a PDF file.