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Subscription plans

Module Version <> CBSubs version.

7/8ths -- 14" dia.


The Train Department (www.thetraindepartment.com) has taken over production of all Sierra Valley products including the full wheel production for both 1/20.3 or Gauge 1 style wheels and 1/13.7 wheels. 


Also TTD will be reissuing the 1/20.3 Munger Mining cars, these will feature the original castings along with the same construction style and build that made these cars so sought after. These cars are currently in production and available for sale shortly.   


The Steam in the Garden Magazine online Archive is now available.

As you may already know, the National Summer Steamup, 8-12 July in Sacramento, is cancelled due to the COVID-19 situation.  Since our steamers are in the most vulnerable category, and there appears to be no end in sight, the steamup planning team felt this was the best thing to do for health and safety.  Our focus is now on NSS21 in our new home in Lodi California.  Please visit our website at www.steam-events.org for more details.

Davenport Locomotive

Doncaster, UK - Roundhouse Engineering has announced their signature model for 2020, a Davenport locomotive.

The Davenport Locomotive Works started producing these, 0-4-0 saddle tank locos in the early 1900s for industrial uses. While the majority of these engines were built for American clients they found their way all over the globe to places such as: Australia, New Zealand, Philippines, Cuba and Europe.

Orders are now being taken for late 2020 delivery. Contact your Roundhouse dealer to get yours on the waiting list.


Train Department is pleased to announce the first joint project with Regner. It has been a project in development since 2018 and happy to report it is now in stock.

The model will come in RTR and Kit form while Kits are not yet packaged. Initial batch of RTR models ready for immediate delivery.

Specifications include:

Butane boiler
25+min runtime
Boiler with 6mm sight glass
Fuel tank, reverser and RC compartment inside rear bunker.
82* V twin cylinder with 10mm bore
45mm Chassis
R/C control ready
Options include:
Diamond stack
Brass pilot
Whistle kit.

RTR Price at $2325.00 USD
Kit price at $2050.00 USD

Visit: https://www.thetraindepartment.com