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As you all remember, the National Summer Steamup 2020 was cancelled due to the Covid19 outbreak.

Currently, the virus situation appears to be improving as the vaccines get distributed. So, the steamup

planning group has decided to go ahead with the steamup in 2021 at our new home in Lodi California.

The dates, however, have shifted to September 29 to October 3, 2021. We feel confident the Covid19

situation will continue to improve and we can have another great steamup. We are looking forward to

seeing you all again. Please visit our website (http://www.steam-events.org/) for regular updates.

New Page B (23/3/2021) -- Another of our astute readers found an error on Drawing B of the Part 1 Minitram build series. We have received and updated the page for Drawing B and it has replaced the original drawing in the PDF. For those working on the project, please log in to the Steam in the Garden website, www.steamup.com, and download a new set from the Workshop Plans.

New Update: Shortly after going to printing on Issue #170 Tower Hobbies discontinued carrying the gears needed for this build. This was only recently discovered when one of our readers tried to order a set. Thankfully the gears, manufactured by Robinson Racing are still available through one of their distributors -- Hobby Zone:

48P / 43T  Part # RRP1343
48P / 12T  Part # RRP1312
Happy building!
7/8ths -- 14" dia.


The Train Department (www.thetraindepartment.com) has taken over production of all Sierra Valley products including the full wheel production for both 1/20.3 or Gauge 1 style wheels and 1/13.7 wheels. 


Also TTD will be reissuing the 1/20.3 Munger Mining cars, these will feature the original castings along with the same construction style and build that made these cars so sought after. These cars are currently in production and available for sale shortly.   


The Steam in the Garden Magazine online Archive is now available.