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The Steam in the Garden digital publishing department has added a new menu to our website! We are expanding our digital media publications to now provide a Series Reprint compilations page as well as easier access to digital publications such as "Starting in Steam".

We have added a new menu item of "Reprints & Specials" under our "Magazine" menu item in the websites left column. Complete with simple "Buy Now" buttons that allow you to purchase and immediately download to your computer or tablet. No more waiting around for the pesky humans to answer the e-mail.

We are in the process of re-editing and republishing older construction series into PDF files. These new compilations of construction series that spanned several issues will be available with color photography that wasn't available in the early print days of the magazine. As part of our review, we are double-checking sources for materials and updating those sources to ensure that you will be able to find what you need for your project.

We are working closely with original authors, where we can, to ensure that any new or updated drawings and photos meet the same publication standards as if they were published today.

These compilations are not just copies of the original pages, but completely new digital typeset versions to be easy to read in digital format. 

Check back to see our catalog of publications grow as we go back in history and bring improved series into your digital library of small scale live steam!


The Editorial/Web Support Department of Steam in the Garden will be closed the from 15 - 30 September 2022. We ask for your indulgence in that we may not get back to you immediately for inquiries regarding the magazine, subscriptions or our website.

Our production schedule for the next issue remains intact and material submission dates as listed in our 2022 Advertising rate card are not affected.  

Happy Steaming!

Steam in the Garden Reprints and Special Issues


Starting in Steam - Handbook


Starting in Steam is a complete guide and how-to for the small-scale live steam novice as well as for the more experienced hand. Written by longtime steamers, this book provides the reader with insights on not only how to start in the hobby but also how to have more fun.

150 pages - digital download

$4.95 (US Dollars)


Lathe Free Loco - By Rob Kuhlman

A compilation and update of a series of articles written by Rob Kuhlman showing how to build a simple live steam locomotive using commercially available live steam toy parts and simple fabrication with simple hand or handheld power tools. No lathe required.

22 pages - digital download

$4.95 (US Dollars)

   Instant Download After Purchase  
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7/8ths -- 14" dia.


The Train Department (www.thetraindepartment.com) has taken over production of all Sierra Valley products including the full wheel production for both 1/20.3 or Gauge 1 style wheels and 1/13.7 wheels. 


Also TTD will be reissuing the 1/20.3 Munger Mining cars, these will feature the original castings along with the same construction style and build that made these cars so sought after. These cars are currently in production and available for sale shortly.